Feel great about money while earning more of it!

21 Day
Income Mindset Blueprint

How's your relationship with income?

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Sick of that disappointed feeling when you look at your bank balance?
  • You have strategy out the eyeballs yet still can’t seem to raise your income level?
  • You've been following all the steps, taking plenty of action and still… no bueno?

 SO frustrating!!!

 I get it.

 Here’s the thing…

Hiring all the coaches, taking all the massive action and saying all the money affirmations aren’t going to help you earn more.

You’re living proof.

Because no strategy or action plan on earth can overcome the super-powerful force that’s been keeping you stuck in your own version of financial hell.

What is this incredible force?

Your subconscious mind, that's what.

  • The part neuroscientists say runs about 95% of your actions, thoughts and behaviours.
  • The part that can text like an Olympian without thinking 
  • The part of you that has the same thoughts, emotions and physical reactions to the same people, places and experiences day in, day out. 

And whatever income level you’re stuck at?

Rest assured that’s exactly where your powerful subconscious mind feels good and comfortable.

But what if we could have a word with this subconscious? 

You know, in a language it actually understands.

Enter, the 21 day Tapping for Income Blueprint

In this EFT/Tapping program we use cutting edge energy psychology and guided visualization to access your subconscious mind in languages it understands.

No will power, self-deprivation or kind-but-useless affirmations here.

We acknowledge how hard your subconscious has been working to keep you safe (well, safe as it understands the world) and we help your body and mind find a new level of comfort.

 One that includes you having WAY more money.

 Look, both you and I know that you’re here to bring a higher vibe of peace and love to the planet, and money can help you do more of that.


So here's the breakdown:

Week 1: Earn more money by shattering those crafty little hangups standing between you and a bigger paycheck.

Got any:

  • I’d have to work too hard to earn the income I want?
  • Fear of failing miserably and ending up a total loser?
  • Fear of succeeding wildly and not knowing what the _____ to do with it?
  • There just isn’t enough to go around?

Let’s send these lie-breathing dragons on their way!

Week 2: Bring home more bacon by rewriting your personal rule book about money.

Internal laws such as:

  • It’s better not to rock their boat by earning more money.
  • I don’t do “receiving”.
  • It’s not spiritual to earn good money.
  • Isn’t money the root of all evil?

We break these laws and write some new ones to suit your current conscious choices and mission.

Week 3: Catch more money by getting a bigger bucket; you are priceless!

Clean up those last few straggling beliefs:

  • I can’t manage money well because ...
  • Am I really worth that much?
  • My first tough money memory.
  • Tapping for that new income goal

21 days to gently coach your nervous system into approaching the world of money in a new way.

A way that YOU choose, right now, as an adult, with free will.

How about :

  • feeling great inside when you look at your bank account?
  • making all that strategy you’ve learned actually work for you?
  • taking action that actually improves your circumstances?

 I know you and your gifts can not only improve the planet but improve your wealth and life.

 Let’s clear the way for that life!